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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Orthodox Christians who are into rap, hiphop, poetry, spoken word, trip hop.........ect.

We were brainstorming for awhile, but we really don't know what to do just yet. The link below is the place where we were talking about it and what to do. We agreed that Saint Moses should be the Patron Saint. But we disagreed over how we should start. Should it be done through a pay webhosting site or through a free one? The bandwidth was our main concern, but since we are small, we could just start out on a free low bandwidth site, and then transfer to a bigger bandwidth pay webhosting as we grow. But there are alot of things we need besides webhosting, we need a priest or deacon/sub-deacon oversite as well. And so, it's gonna take some time.

The reason why we are doing this is because alot of us, just grew tired of the Protestant and Roman Catholic hiphop/rap sites we were on, and just wanted something of our own.




Phievalon said...

Jnorm888 said...


I would have to strongly dissagree, for atheism is the biggest myth evertold.

If you came here to troll it won't work, and if you don't have anything constructive to say then why post here?


Dan said...

Youtube "JAY-Z Deception" for a look at the music industrie's involvement in the occult.

Phievalon said...

Trolling??! Are you kidding? You have only proven that you didn't even watch the video of "Mad At A Myth" because it is a contemporary defense of ancient Christian belief in the unique divine nature of Jesus Christ in the form of Spoken Word poetry. I thought it constructively appropriate to your thread. Hello?

Cronos said...

This is a great movement! But how come you haven't progressed or elaborated further with your intentional idea??? I know of many Orthodox Christians who are either hip hop artists themselves, or fans of the genre that would love to see a structural network/fellowship of like minded people on the internet. You should consider following up on this, and if you need any assistance, I'm willing to contribute whatever I can.

Panagia be with you!

Jnorm said...


Connect with us on facebook. Maybe we can start something

Phievalon said...

Check here for more...

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