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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Conspiracy Theories & Higher Physics

I once had a physics professor....many many years ago, who was into the idea of finding the relationship between gravity and magnetism. Well, it looks like he wasn't the only one.

Project Camelot interviews Joseph Farrell:

Jay Dyer Interviews Dr. Joseph P. Farrell – “Secrets of the Unified Field”:
Play Audio

Dr. Joseph Farrell : The Bell, Bormann and Bariloche - IUFOC 2009:

The Case for Antigravity:

What is possible now through artificial gravity in classical physics.

The Space Island Project:

MIT Physics Lecture: Classical Mechanics - 05 - Circular Motion:

It would be cool to have a monastery in a rotating spacestation.



Tony said...

Monasteries in a rotating space station? What next? Hermits on space rocks? Saints going out into the fields of the moon to pray?

Jnorm said...


For sometime now I have been wondering why I never saw the presence of christians or Christianity in general in most space sci-fi films or shows.

They paint a picture as if we never existed or they try to fit us in some kind of atheistic philosophical naturalistic box.

If people are going to mine natural resources in outerspace, then it's only natural for them to take their religion with them.

There needs to be a space sci-fi show or a sci-fi show in general where we are forever present and put in a good light.


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