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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Laurent Cleenewerck

Ok, I was reading another blog today, I think a calvinist one, I'm really not sure, but I assumed it was because of it's bias towards Reformed sources, and ideas.

But anyway, he quoted two paragraphs from a book called "His Broken Body: Understanding and Healing the Schism Between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches by Laurent Cleenewerck

As seen from his blog:
"Paul Owen is correct when he notes that the Western tradition tends to the conclusion that each Person is autotheos, but it should be clear that this has never been the official teaching of the Roman Catholic Church. This heresy of tri-theism was only proclaimed by John Calvin who denounced the eternal generation of the Son as “an absurd fiction”. (Page 327)


"For whatever reason, what we call the Western tradition has tended to theologize on the opposite extreme of Arianism. As we have mentioned, the early tendencies of the Roman Church were on the Modalistic side, and it is in Reformed / Protestant Western Christianity that we find such aberrations as ‘Oneness’ theology and the triple autotheos of John Calvin. (Page 341.)"

I recall saying something similar to Steve and them over at Triablog some years ago. But I never heard of Laurent Cleenewerck before, and now I'm interested in knowing more about him, and his works.



AB said...

Interesting Blog! Its good to see other Christians taking their faith seriously! Check out my blog below.

Anonymous said...

Fr. Cleenewerck is a priest of the Orthodox Church in America and pastor of St. Innocent of Alaska Orthodox Church: . Much of his book is online at google books. A little about his book can be read at:

Jnorm said...


Thanks, I think I'm going to try and contact him. He seems like someone I would love to get to know.

I never knew he was a priest. Thanks, for sharing!


Anonymous said...

You're welcome. Fr. Cleenewerck helped me in my return to Orthodoxy. He's also one of the editors of the Eastern Orthodox Bible (not the same as the Orthodox Study Bible). You can find links for that on my blog.

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