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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tony tackles T. A. McMahon & the Berean Call

As seen from his website A Catechumen's Tale:
"Is it bad to study the Church Fathers, and have a grasp on Patristics? Many modern Protestant scholars, such as James White and John MacArthur, have studied the Church Fathers to a large degree, while others are reading the works to at least become acquainted with them. Even on Protestant websites featuring works of religious literature one can find western and eastern Fathers of the Church included among the Reformers.

Many non-Orthodox and non-Catholics seem to believe the Fathers are of some use.Unfortunately, some think this is the wrong attitude to take. Indeed, they think it makes a person self-condemned!A friend recently pointed me towards
an article penned by T.A. McMahon, an associate of Dave Hunt at his ministry The Berean Call. Many might remember, from this post I made in response to Hunt, that it was McMahon who said Orthodoxy liturgy was known in some circles as "smells and bells." This article in particular is a direct attack against the study of patristics, questioning not any veneration of the Church Fathers, but the fruition of researching the Church Fathers at all."

To read the rest please visit his website.



Tony said...

Heh heh...the word "tackle" gives me the image of me fighting them fisticuffs. :D Thanks.

Jnorm said...

Anytime, I don't know if I was watching the NFL channel or not before I posted this, so it could of been influenced by football. My bad!


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