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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christ The Eternal Tao

The Book, and the lecture series from AncientFaith Radio.

As seen from the website:
"Learn how Eastern Orthodox Christian spirituality provides seekers of our day clear guidance on acquiring stillness, overcoming the passions, dealing with thoughts, and cultivating the virtues, as well as precise teachings on spiritual *deception, all of which* guides seekers more safely and surely on the path to communion with God (Tao – Chinese). In the profound mystical and contemplative tradition of the Christian East, seekers are able to go well beyond the realizations in Eastern religions. A long – awaited answer for those who, having turned away from modern Western religiosity, are drawn to the freshness, directness and simplicity of Lao Tzu and eastern philosophies, and at the same time are strangely, inexplicably drawn back to the all-compelling reality of Jesus Christ.

The Speaker:

Hieromonk Damascene (Christensen) is an Eastern Orthodox priest, monk and spiritual child of ascetic and spiritual struggler Bl. Father Seraphim Rose, of St Herman of Alaska Monastery, Platina, California. Fr Damascene is the author of Fr Seraphim Rose: His Life And Works and Christ The Eternal Tao, as well as numerous articles on Eastern Orthodox faith, doctrine and spirituality."

Part 1:
Play Audio (I could be wrong, but I think my homie Turbo is the one introducing the speaker. It sounds like his voice)

To hear the rest, please visit the website.


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Unknown said...

I've been meaning to read this book for a long time. I've heard a lot of great things about it from a lot of people. How is it?

Tarkshya said...

That is interesting... I might read that I am wondering how the book recommends becoming dispassionate and obtaining stillness.

Jnorm said...

The lecture series on AncientFaith Radio got me interested in checking it out. I'll let you know my thoughts on it after I read it.

I'm in the process of moving now, and so I haven't bought any new books in a while. I won't until I'm at my new spot. But then again, I guess I can always buy the e-book.......well, first I gotta find out if they have it in that format.

I liked the lecture series, so I plan on giving the book a try.

Christ is in our midst!


Jnorm said...


He talks a little bit about that in the lecture series. It's a 3 part series.


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