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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Holycultureradio blog and podcast

This is the blog of Holycultureradio. They use to have a theology section in their forum, but they closed that down in December of last year. That was one of the places where I met alot of different Calvinists. For some reason, the reformed have taken over most of the content heavy protestant Christian rap. It wasn't always this way.
I have been into christian rap since 1994/1995 and I have seen it evolve. There are alot of different theological groups within christian rap. In recent years Roman Catholic hiphop/rap has been growing. It is not as big as it's protestant cousin, but one of the reason's why they formed their own version of christian hiphop was because the content of christian rap was becoming more and more Theological heavy, and since Roman Catholics and Protestants like to fight over theology.
The Roman catholic christians decided to form their own space within the christian hiphop world that focused on Roman Catholic theology.
And this was where I met Phatcatholic. He was....and still is ..... at a catholic rap website called I brought him over to HCR because alot of the Calvinists misrepresented the Roman Catholic position. so they were winning the argument by default. When Phatcat showed up it pretty much neutralized things and it caused all of us to step up our researching skills, and apologetics.
There has been some collabos between the two different groups of rappers. I know in 2003 or 2004 an up roar happened when Manchild of Mars Hill converted to Roman Catholicism.
There are alot of protestant christian rappers and fans that still support him dispite his move to Rome.
I may be wrong but Holy Culture radio was mostly formed to fill the void of "". When that site went down, a few other sites were formed to fill the void. One of them was "".
HCR(Holycultureradio) has grown over the years to become one of the major players of protestant christian rap. It's main focus is one of content. So they push theological heavy protestant christian rap artists. Alot of which are Reformed or Calvinistic. And this is one of the reasons why Calvinism has grabbed a major hold in the christian rap market. Now they do play some noncalvinistic rappers, but there seems to be a bias in the direction of Calvin.
But this is the podcast blog of HCR.


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