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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A question about the coming Pascha

Originally Posted by joseph29
does that mean
next sunday is easter

YUPP! Well, really Saturday night.

Our Sunday Church service is called "Post Pascha celebration".

Friday night is ussually an all nighter from 11p.m. to about sunrise....maybe 7a.m.

Historically that is when new comers (catechumens/people who are seeking to join the church) will pray and sing all night and at day break on Saturday morning they will be Baptized(if not already baptized in the Triniterian formula). But that is when they are Baptized(full immersion) three times in water, and after that they are chrismated(confirmation).

Before they are Baptized they are asked:

"Do you renounce Satan and all his works, and all his worship, and all his angels, and all his pride?"

Three times this question is asked, and three times the person answers "I do."

Then the person is asked, "Have you renounced Satan?" again, this question is asked three times, and three times the person answers "I have". Then the person is asked to blow and spit upon Satan, and the person is expected to do so. Next the person is asked, "Do you unite yourself to Christ?" This question is also asked three times. And three times the person answers "I do." then immediately the person is asked, "Have you united yourself to Christ?" And the person responds by saying: "I have." Finally, the person is asked, "And do you believe in Him?" And the person answers, "I believe in Him as King and God." And after that the Nicene Creed is repeated.

I maybe wrong, but I think when one turns to spit on Satan they turn towards the west. I think this is done because Jesus is mentioned as coming from the East.

And when one is chrismated they are marked with Olive Oil.....or is it another type of Oil? I forgot....but the person's ears, chest, neck, lips, knose(I think...I maybe wrong), eye lids, and hands are marked. I may be wrong again, but I think the mark is done in the shape of a cross. Each person who is chrismated is accompanied with their sponsor(the person who is suppose to train them in the faith)

And each one has a candle in hand as well. And after that they partake of communion for the first time. All of this stuff has a theological meaning......I just don't know what all of it is at this time.

Also later on that night (Saturday) around 10:30 p.m. is when we celebrate Easter.....well pascha.

The reason for that is .....because .....the first day really begins when the sun goes down on Saturday. My group of Orthodox are Syrians, so alot of their customs are extremely close to that of the Jews.

Other Orthodox may celebrate it on Sunday instead of Saturday....I don't know....but as far as my jurisdiction goes it's Saturday night.



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