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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Barack Obama & the social conservative concerns of an African American

I am an African American that voted for Mccain. Infact, I voted all red, but I am happy that Mccain treated Obama with class. Most of the African Americans I know, simply voted for him because he was black, and some white Americans simply voted for him because he was black, and I think they voted for him for the wrong reasons. I think in this election, and I could be wrong, but I think people cared more about "making history" rather than caring about actual policy.

Martin Luther King Jr. didn't die so that we could vote for a persons skin color. He died so that we could vote for their character, policies, and beliefs.

But since he won, I will pray for him(1 Tim. 2:1-8), and I will continue to fight against his admin on issues I care about the most.

I am Pro-life, and I'm against gay marriage. Barack Obama wants to unite the country and not divide it.

So we need to show him, that if he truely cares about unity, then he needs to stick to getting our troops out of Iraq, the economy, and universal healthcare.

This country is in too bad a shape for him to start another culture war. So fight him on the social conservative issues, while supporting him with the others.

He needs to know that he can't deliver too quickly on his pro-choice, and gay marraige agenda. If he recieves friction on these issues then maybe he will compromise and focus most of his time, energy, and the countries resources on other things.

So yes, I will pray for him, and I hope we all will. But we also need to hold him accountable on certain issues as well.

If he truely wants to unite the country, then he needs to put "pro-choice" and "gay marriage" on hold. If the democrats move too quickly on these issues then they will loose alot of people in the house and Senate in 2010.

So pray for him.

"O Lord, save Thy people and bless Thine inheritance granting to Thy people victory over all adversaries; and by the power of Thy Cross, preserve Thine estate.

Save our president-elect, Barack Obama." (A prayer I got from someone else)



Kevin Jackson said...

Hi Jnorm, I agree with most of what you wrote. Having said that, it's also a good day in America that an African American can become president, and I applaud Obama's achievement. I also commit to praying for him.

God bless,

Tony said...

Excellent post, JNORM888.

I felt the same way you did. Obama's victory is a sticky subject for me, because while I fully support an African American as president...I only wish it had been someone else. I suppose you could say it would be similar to how I would feel if Hillary had been nominated and won: I fully support a female as president, but I would have wished it had been someone else.

That being said, Obama has been elected, and he is officially and legally our president. I believe in democracy, so I accept him wholeheartedly as president, and I also believe in the Christian ideal of praying for your leaders. As you pointed out, we are repeatedly told to pray for our leaders even if they are unjust masters (something Obama's spiritual mentor, Jeremiah Wright, seemed to conveniently forget). I'm a firm believer that if the early Christians could pray and forgive leaders who persecuted and killed them, I can pray and forgive leaders with whom I only disagree with on a few topics.

No matter what happens, of course, we are all in God's hands, and I wouldn't want to be any where else.

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