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Thursday, April 10, 2008

False Alarm: Dangerous Preachers and Authors

Cdero has been on the hot end of the stick in recent months. Alot of Calvinists are upset with him for not sticking with the status quo.

In this blog post he talks about some of these differences.

This is a snippet of the blog:

"Unlike my
friend, I don’t think Enns’ incarnational paradigm undermines the inerrancy and
infallibility of scripture. Enns is doing a great service among conservative
Christians and liberal Christians by interacting with the extra biblical data
that is out there that is in need of being synthesized by evangelicals as well
as the broader Christian community. Asserting that pagan sources provided the
structure and shape of parts of scripture is not a denial of the divine
inspiration of scripture nor its inerrancy.
We briefly touched on Walter
Brueggemann whom I highly respect as a scholar and theologian. Again, I am
suppose to treat people like Brueggemann as dangerous people?
What my
friendly phone conversation boils down to is differences and disagreements. It
is fine to disagree with Enns’ incarnational paradigm. It is ok to disagree with
some of Brueggemann’s conclusions. But calling these men and people alike
dangerous is nothing more then causing a false alarm.
When I think of the
word dangerous, I think of the bubonic plague, violent armed criminals, taking a
stroll around my neighborhood at certain times of the day, guns, knives,
bullets, using an electric saw, etc.
Sorry, Brueggemann, Osteen, and Enns do
not strike me as dangerous people. perhaps my detractors would say that the pen
is mightier than the sword. If so, then perhaps dangerous is the wrong word.
What is really meant is that such preachers and authors are a threat to the
Biblical monopolization and religious control a person or group is trying to

read the whole thing at his blog.



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