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Saturday, April 5, 2008

The different kinds of Calvinists I've noticed throughout the years

I'm just gonna mention the different kinds of Calvinists I ran into over the years. Or read about.

I might be wrong about some of this, so please correct me if I am.

1.) Infralapsarianism vs Supralapsarianism

2.) Single Predestination vs double Predestination

3.) Common grace vs noncommon grace

4.) Credo-Baptism vs Paedo- Baptism

5.) Credo-communion vs Paedo-communion

6.) Monergism only in regards to Justification & Synergism in regards to Sanctification


Monergism in regards to both Justification & Sanctification

7.) Sola Scriptura(Scripture, creeds, and church, but scripture is supreme authority) according to a full pret Calvinistic friend of mine (kingneb/Jason) who has beef with "Keith Mathison" & "Kenneth Gentry" for holding this view

This is his podcast about the topic of sola scriptura.....mainly within the reformed tradition


Solo Scriptura(creeds & church are mostly ignored or downplayed.....very similar to the "church of christ" stance) My calvinistic full pret buddy (who is extremely hard to beat in debates. He is one of the tuffest dudes I have ever argued with....the man can hold his own ground) holds to this view of Solo Scriptura.

8.) Father, Son, and Holy Spirit all have asiety vs unknown.......I forgot, but there was a dispute in some Reformed circles about the creed of Nicea. One group within the Reformed camp wanted to get rid of the creed because it's signers were Subordinate Triniterians.

9.) Partial Preterism vs Full Preterism vs Futurism

10.) Compatibilism vs Hard determinism

11.) 5 pointers vs 4 pointers

12.) P.O.T.S. vs A.S.A.S.

13.) NPP & Federal vision vs Traditionalists

14.) Van Tillian vs Gordan Clark

15.) Dominion Theology/THEONOMY vs ....uhm I forgot

There maybe more, but these were the things I noticed. And depending where the Calvinist stands on these issues will decide what interpretation of scripture they will have.

So the argument that will work against one calvinist may not necessarily work against another Calvinist.

Some of these things are not really Paedo/Credo Communion & Baptism, Theonomy, and Full Preterism, but others are. Over the years I came to the conclusion that every belief will have an influence on another belief......and this is why there are no "one size fits all" arguments. In many cases every argument must be "tailor made".....and that takes time.

I only mentioned KingNeb's podcast because I assumed that some would think I was crazy for thinking that the reformed camp had different views of sola scriptura. I heavily disagree with KingNeb on alot of issues, but after arguing with him for a number of years......I must say that I learned alot from him........especially when it comes to the heresy of "full preterism" & the other different views of the Reformed tradition. thing about Luther and creeds. He thought that the Church went off track in the 12th century. And the creeds he was mainly talking about were those after the 12th century......for the most part. He wasn't talking about "all the creeds". This is something not mentioned in their podcast......but "full prets" must ignore creeds anyway......but that's another story for another time.

But to make the long story short KingNeb and them see Deductive Logic as being the boundaries of scripture interpretation. So as they pick on Mathison and Gentry for holding to a higher view of creeds and church when it comes to "scripture interpretation". They themselves hold to a high view of Aristotlian deductive logic when it comes to "scripture interpretation". They are not saying this....but after a few arguments with KingNeb I found this out.

If you are not familiar with Full preterism then I will advise the public to stay far away from full preterism websites. Most of them are Calvinists, but you do have some that are "church of christ". The reason why I say stay away is because they are heavy on "logic" so it is easy for them to twist certain scriptures by stressing an ultra literalism in certain places. Also there is a tendency for full prets to eventually drift away from any form of christianity. It is hard for many of them to find a good place to fellowship....due to the fact of their "full" preterism.

I don't know the exact number of "full preterists", but it's about less than 100,000 ...maybe even 50,000.



Steve Hayes said...

Good grief!

I'd have to look at least half of them up in the dictionary, and even then I oprobably wouldn't understand the issues.

But then no doubt your average Calvinist who can interrogate you tin find out where you stand on the TULIP scale woudl probably have to look up hesychasm just as I would have to look up preterism.

Jnorm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jnorm said...

yeah, I learned about Full preterism through a calvinistic friend of mine who use to go to a PCA church in Montgomery Alabama. I almost joined that same church back in 2001/2002. But I never really knew the name of it then....some years later I ran into King Neb. And that's when I found out what the name was.

After argueing with him as well as seeing him argue with other calvinists I learned what some of these other issues were.

Also I learned alot through a handfull of other calvinists as well.

I learned alot through watching and arguing with BlackCalvinist talk about some of these issues. I learned through watching Cdero who is a Theonomist and Vantillian Presuppositional well as a host of others.


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