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Thursday, May 28, 2009

HolyCultureRadio is looking for a few good Arminians to present their case against Calvinism (theology section, in order to see the theology section, first you have to register)


Holy Culture Radio Forum

I'm leaving for Indie so I told them that I would invite the Arminians I know in the blog world over, since they would be more than able to not only defend Arminianism, but also critique Calvinism. It will also balance the forum since most of them are Calvinists and Reformed.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ancient Christianity Conference 2008

I was sent a video of last years conference. Hopefully I will be able to put it online sometime soon.

The Brotherhood of SaintMoses the black put up the audios from last year on their website:

Here are some of the speakers:

Play Audio (Fr. Daniel Byantoro)

Play Audio (Fr. Paisius Altschul)

Play Audio (Mrs Julia Raboteau)

Play Audio (Dr. Carla Thomas)

Play Audio (Fr. Moses Berry)

Play Audio (Fr. Jerome Sanderson)


Ancient Christianity Conference 2009

Will be held in Indianapolis, IN at the Marten House Hotel
Marten House Hotel
1801 W 86th St.
Indianapolis, IN 46260
(317) 872-4111

From May 29nth to May 31th.

To find out more about the conference please visit the website:

Conference Brochure 3-22-09
Conference Schedule
Registration Form


American Orthodox History

As seen from the American Orthodox History podcast.

As seen from the website:
"In his first episode, Matthew explains why it is important to study American Orthodox History."

Play Audio (Introduction)


African Americans and Orthodoxy

This is from the Faith and Philosophy podcast by Clark Carlton.

As seen from the website:
"How do we draw more African Americans into the Orthodox Church? The same way we attract everyone else."

Play Audio (African Americans & Orthodoxy)

Play Audio (American Orthodoxy)

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