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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Canon debate between Josh & Jay

In the process of this debate Josh changed his mind about Baptism. He went from a Credo-Baptist position to a Paedo-Baptist position. It seemed as if he was in talks with both Steve Hays and Paul Manata during this debate with my guess is.....and I could be wrong, but my guess is that Paul Manata of Triablog helped him change his mind on the issue. You will see the Credo- stance in his intro....but towards the end of the debate he lets everyone know that he changed views.

I have to congradulate both Jay & Josh for having a civil debate.

This is the Canon Debate

Josh tells his blog readers about the upcoming debate.

Jay's opening statement

Josh's opening statement

Jay's rebuttal

Josh's rebuttal

Jay's crossexamination

Josh's crossexamination

Josh's closing statements

Jay's closing statements

Josh asks the readers to ask questions

I will post the links to the answered questions when they give them.



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