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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Early Christian Martyrs

Hard to Kill

Christian Martyrs (Hard To Kill) by Flight 4:17

Eventhough it seems to be done by a Oneness Pentecostal christian rap group. What they did here was pretty impressive. I liked it alot........It's about the Martyredom's of some of the early christians. I find it kind of odd that a oneness Pentecostal would do a video about the Martyredoms of Triniterians. But hey, I'm not upset by it. To each his own.

This is their myspace page. If I am wrong about them being Oneness Pentecostals then please forgive me, and feel free to correct me.


I use to argue with P.A.W's(Pentecostal Assembly of the World) all the time. So I kind of know some of their "cliche's" and "key church words".

Alot of groups have "certain words" or terms that they use that make them different from other groups.......and this was the only reason why I thought they were Oneness Pentecostals.

But the video they did was awsome.......well so I thought.



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