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Sunday, April 13, 2008

""Was Arminius a Molinist?" by Eef Dekker's

Neal, over at the Molinist blog, told me about an article by a man named "Eef Dekker". He wrote something that suggested that Arminius could of been either a Molinist or he at least knew of Molinism.

The article that he has was from the JSTOR database. I don't have access to JSTOR so I'm going to have to go to a Library that has access to it.

If I ever get my hands on this article then I'll try to post it online.

This is Neal's blog

Nevermind. I no longer have to go to the Library. I found the article right here

This is a little of what the Journal says

"The Protestant theologian Jacobus Arminius (1559-1609) was acquainted with
the much debated theory of middle knowledge, invented by his Roman Catholic
contemporary Luis de Molina (1535-1600), and he incorporated it into his own
Protestant theology. First, a sketch of theory of middle knowledge is provided.
The body of articles consists of a comparison of parts of Arminius' disputation
on divine nature with some central clauses from Molina's work. Arminius warmly
welcomed the theory of middle Knowledge, for it provided a method for
reconciling God's foreknowledge, grace and predestination with human free will.
In this sense, then, Arminius can be called a Molinist..........."

You can read the rest of the article over at the JSTOR link



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