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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Originally Posted by The_Expositor

Are you a

Yupp, but our understanding of Christian "Panentheism" doesn't mean. And I'll doesn't mean being part of God. It just means being "In God".

Just like a fish is in the ocean, yet is distinct from the ocean itself, so likewise is all of creation(both visable and invisable) in God, yet is distinct from Him.

This is how we understand God's well as all the other Attributes of God.

My whole point of us being images of God goes back to the first chapter of Genesis. As well as when Jesus linked feeding those in need with feeding Himself.

Only mankind is called God's image, the rest of creation wasn't called I said before.....we don't believe we are "part" of God.

Just so there is no confusion. So our Panentheism, doesn't really have anything to do with helping out the poor. Helping out the poor has everything to do with God making us in His image.

So in short, Seeing God in man has everything to do with God making man in His image.

Panentheism on the otherhand has everything to do with the Omni-presence of God, and His Divine Providence over creation. I'm not talking about that. Us being images is much more than a general presence in creation.

This type of presence(image) is something that makes us different from the rest of creation. Being an Image of God is not something we have. It's something we are.



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