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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Society for Orthodox Apologetics

The Link:

It's a blog started by:


Tony Allen

And Myself:

We decided to form like Voltron. And so, I'm gonna finish what I started with the review of Robert Morey's book. I gotta up date it as well as change the name of it.

I will continue to post here ....mostly what I've been doing for the past year almost......links, videos, articles, resources, podcasts, personal research .......etc.

As well as more about my personal life and stuff like that. But most of my Apologetics is gonna be at the other site. I have been hibernating for a year......just building up my tool chest of resources.

Right now, it is still in the building stages, and so, it's gonna take a while. At this point in time, I have no idea what direction it will go in the long run. I will have to talk with the others to see what their longterm vision is and go from there.

One of the things I wanted to do.....longterm wise........ was try something similar to what some of my Arminian homies were doing at SEA:

I'm not good on every topic under the Sun, and so, I thought it would be good to seek help from others that knew alot about a certain area. There maybe an Orthodox blogger that might know alot about Lutheranism, and so they maybe better suited to defend Orthodoxy against recent Lutheran attacks.

There maybe an Orthodox blogger that might know alot about Roman Catholicism or Islam, and so they may be better suited to handle attacks from that direction.

Also getting help from priests, Orthodox scholars, and other Orthodox Apologists would be a plus as well. But like I said before............I have no idea in what direction this may go.

I have to talk it over with the others to see what direction they would like to eventually take it.



Tony said...


Tony-Allen :P

And yes, it's the place where Orthodox apologists kick butt and take names 8)

Jnorm said...

Oh snap, I keep spelling your name wrong. My bad! I'll change it right away!

And yeah, I really wanna do what I can against Morey's book. I should of finished it months ago......I had it sitting around for months.....Recently I noticed that someone on facebook was talking about it. When I'm done, I'll let them know about our new blog and what we are doing.

the orthodox beacon


Tony said...

I'm going to eventually transfer all my Berean Call responses over to SOA so that they're all in one place an in one after the other. A friend of mine requested I label all my Dave Hunt/TA McMahon posts "The Berean Call" since both those guys are associated with that.

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