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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Deuterocanonical / aprocraphal books in the septuagint scripture?

I no longer use the 90 A.D. theory/speculation. Instead, I point to what happened around 135 A.D. Also, the Arabic Orthodox didn't always use the LXX, I found this out through the book, "Antioch: Incarnational Theology and Ministry". The Arabic Orthodox first used the Aramiac targums, and then some time latter used the LXX. But it's all good........I still enjoyed the video!

I forgot to mention that Rome has 3 less books than us. The one who made this vid forgot to mention this distinction between East and West in regards to the Old Testament.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! Could you recommend for me two or three resource books that I could buy on this subject from an Orthodox point of view? I am intrigued.

BTW, are you familiar with a young man whose internet name was Coolio? I can't find him any more. He is EO, and we had some words quite some time ago. I'd like to reconnect with him.

God bless.

Jnorm said...

At this point in time, I am unaware of just one book that has this issue as it's main focus. Most books I know of will only briefly mention something about it in passing when talking about another subject. And so, at this point in time, things seem to be scattered. I'm sure it will only be a matter of time, before a work is put out on this very subject.

If I ever find a book that comes close to what you are asking for, then I will let you know.

I'm sorry, but I don't think I know who Coolio is. Did he have a blog?


Anonymous said...


Thanks, I appreciate it.

Yes, "Coolio" had an EO blog (he was very young - in his early twenties). I was just wondering. Thank you.

God bless, and Merry Christmas!

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