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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Iustitia Dei: A History of the Christian Doctrine of Justification

The link

The hardback is $80.00 while the sofback is $35.00

I don't have the book yet, but it looks like a pretty good read. I can't really buy any new books until I relocate anyway, but this is most definately something I'm gonna get as soon as I'm done moving.

From what I saw from the reviews(As well as the whom I like by the way), it seems to be from a mostly western protestant bias, and I reject what one of the reviews said about the greek fathers picking up the idea of "free will" from paganism. The truth is, the greek philosophers were all over the map. Some were determinists of different stripes, while others believed in free will. But to say that they got the idea from them is pure nonsense.....for both the greek and pre-Augustinian(including Augustin in his early christian years) latin fathers, nonfathers, as well as "some" heretics all believed in free will. It just wasn't the greek fathers, and it just wasn't the converts(Clement of Alexandria and Saint Justin Martyr,.....Origen was a cradle) that had a background in philosophy either. Free will was also advocated by all the pre-nicene christians that hated greek philosophy. And so, they didn't pick it up from them. Those who did have a philosophy background simply used what they saw was useful and compatible with what Christianity was already teaching.

I may not agree with everything I saw in the reviews, but I did agree with enough to want to buy it, and so, it is on my things to get list.



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