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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Biola University Talbot School of Theology's Task Force report

I forgot why exactly this was done. I remember recalling that this was about an Eastern Orthodox Christian professor working at the school. I have no clue of what the outcome was. But there are alot of Orthodox Christians teaching at not only secular city and state public schools, but also at private Roman Catholic and various Protestant ones as well.

The Link:

What Christianity Today had to say about it:

I only posted the link because I want to use alot of the quotes in it. I actually like and love what the report doesn't like about EO, and so, I'm gonna put this in storage.

If only those of the task force knew that their view against the Sacraments/Mysteries was gnostic/neognostic and that ours is just the representation of what was always taught by christians, then maybe they would like it too, and stop fighting against it! Also, in regards to the issue of Justification, not all protestants are the same in this regard and so they should be more strict in their usage of the word "protestant". They should explain what "protestant" tradition they are talking about. The Methodist view of Justification and Sanctification is alot closer to the EO view that they are against. Also there is the NPP, Auburn Ave, Federal Vision, and Norman Shepard protestant views that are alot closer to EO, and so they are using the term "protestant" too loosely. The Anabaptists/Ahmish and Mennonite are protestants as well and their doctrine doesn't always line up with other protestants. And the term "Evangelical Protestant" doesn't help either.....for their are different kinds of protestant evangelicals.....evangelicals can be all over the map. I would also like to mention that in regards to the issue of the Baptism sacrament/Mystery, some Baptists are starting to change their minds from symbolism only to a more Sacramental one. As seen here, here, and here. And so, their use of the word "protestant" is too loose for their protestant view isn't necessarily the same as other protestants.

But the report just shows what the school is suppose to teach and adhere to vs what historic Christianity always taught. To me, it all depends on what you have a degree in. But if they have a problem with someone of a different tradition not being able to sign their schools statement of faith or shouldn't be able to sign it.......then that's understandable. But if they really want that person to teach at their school, then they should do what some schools have done, and that is to just open a course or set of classes about Eastern Christianity.......etc.

At the end of the day, it seems as if we are going to have to have more of our own schools. I'm not upset with certain people/professors at Biola for doing this, it's perfectly understandable. However, this isn't gonna stop us from trying to work for private Roman Catholic and Protestant schools. Like I said before, I really don't know what the outcome was, and so I really can't comment on what action the school made in this matter. To me, all they did was just re-affirm what they were suppose to believe..........which is understandable, but I really don't know what happened to the Professor. .....or Professors......if more than one.

An Orthodox article with a link to the same issue:

What Judith Iren Matta had to say about the issue:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:



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