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Saturday, January 24, 2009

God's Garden

As seen from the website:
"I am honored to announce the funding phase of God’s Garden, a full-length documentary. God's Garden is a journey of faith, race, and redemption through the eyes of Fr. Moses Berry, an African-American Orthodox Christian priest. It chronicles his incredible life as a direct descendent of frontier legend, Daniel Boone, through idyllic beginnings as a child in the Ozarks, a dramatic awakening and miraculous release from jail, and to a surprising discovery in his African-American roots. A young Fr. Moses once asked his mother, "Why are there so many races?” To which she replied, "We are all flowers in God's Garden.""

To read the rest, please visit the website.

A Video Invitation from Fr. Moses

watch the promo

You gotta see his Museum!!! It is awsome!!!!

To donate to the cause, please visit the website.

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