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Monday, April 12, 2010

Reformed Christology & Nestorianism

This article was written by Dr. Bruce McCormack of Princeton Theological Seminary. The context of the piece was in regards to the Westminster Theological Seminary and Peter Enns feud. Dr. Bruce was saying that the people at WTS were leaving their Reformed tradition in regards to Christology by moving toward a more Eastern Orthodox and Lutherian view. I guess, Dr. Bruce was trying to say that Dr. Peter Enns Christology was more in line with classical Reformed Christology.....which tends to be more Nestorian in nature.......and therefor WTS was in the wrong for firing him. But the part I wanted to quote from the article was the portion that clearly showed the link between Reformed Christology and Nestorianism.

The link:

" It is because of this ambiguity that patristic scholars are, to this day, divided over the question of which party to the controversy actually attained the upper hand at Chalcedon (which already, by itself, would render untenable any simplistic appeal to “Chalcedonian Christology”).. There are those who, leaning heavily on the first of these formulations, say that the Formula grants a certain victory to Nestorius. But there are also those who say that it is Cyril’s theology which triumphed at Chalcedon. In the first group is to be found Aloys Grillmeier and Brian Daley; in the second, John McGuckin. My own view is that a carefully contextualized reading of the Definition will show that it is the second of these opinions which is correct. But here’s the thing: classical Reformed theology clearly stood on the side of the first of these options – not the second."

This next one is by a person by the name of Justin Cloute:

The link:


"Reformed Christology
Christ’s natures remain separate in the person of
Reformed theologians claim agreement with the symbol of Chalcedon,
but in reality this
agreement is only superficial."

This one is a facebook discussion:

Perry on the issue:


A Lutheran talking about the issue:
Christology - Differences Between Calvinists and Lutherans

Christos Anesti


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