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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Christ is Risen!

Truly He is Risen!

(The two people Christ is pulling out the grave is Adam and Eve. For it is His Resurrection that will cause all of us to one day Rise from the dead)

Alot of people in America don't know this, but Pascha (Passover) / Easter is an original christian Feastday / Holiday. Don't let anyone tell you that Easter is pagan......because it's not. Yes, the word "Easter" is pagan, Most English speaking peoples use the pagan word for it, but Christians always celebrated Pascha. Most Christians always celebrated it the Sunday(Saturday night for eastern christians while sunday morning for western christians) following the Jewish Passover, while a segment in Ashia minor did it on the same day as the Jews. Christians argued about this difference in practice for centuries. It took the Council of Nicea to make the practice of Pascha/Easter observance uniform. ....but that's a long story. Christians started to celebrate Pascha differently again when the Gregorian Calander was adopted.....but that too is another long story. What counts is that we celebrate His Resurrection!

Christ is Risen! (An Audio by Fr. Thomas Hopko about Jesus, and the Resurrection)

(They did it on Sunday.....which would of been Saturday night for them. Also Caesarea is the greek name for the Palestine/Israel/Jerusalem area)
"In Alexandria, too, they observe the festival on the same day as ourselves. For the Paschal letters are sent from us to them, and from them to us." Theophilus of Caesarea (180)

ICXC NIKA (Jesus Christ Conquers)


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