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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Perry crushes Rhology!

This one is in regards to Saint Irenaeus and a statement he made in against heresies that has been quoted often by different iconoclastic Reformed, Calvinistic, and fundementalist protestant groups.

As seen from Energetic Procession

"Irenaeus is an important father of the church for a number of reasons. His extensive writing and fairly impeccable
theology situated in the period which saw the end of the apostolic fathers and apologists. Even though Irenaeus was bishop of Lyon, he was from Asia Minor. He also had direct contact with Polycarp, the disciple of John the Apostle."

Often in discussions concerning the making and veneration of images with Protestants, there is a passage that is adduced to prove that the early church was either iconoclastic or the weaker claim of being iconophobic. The passage is as follows,"

To read the rest, please visit Energetic Procession

Christ is Risen!


Rhology said...

Yes, please do check out that discussion.

Also, though Perry decided to discontinue it, the discussion continued here and then here. If by "crushes", you mean "consistently confuses the definition of the Hypostatic Union", then yes, Perry crushed me.

Unknown said...

Jnorm: Love the title; sounds like a shocking front page headline -- only everybody expected it to go the way it went...

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