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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Orthodox and Wesleyan Spirituality

As seen by a Methodist reviewer on

"I can only review this book from a Methodist perspective. It would
be arrogant to assert otherwise.

This book is a collection of papers
from the first Consultation on Wesleyan and Orthodox Spirituality. Orthodox And
Wesleyan Scriptual Understanding And Practice is a product of the Second and
Third consultations. The next volume in this series is highly anticipated.

There has been increasing interest in the area of John Wesley's apparent
appropriation of Eastern sources in his theologising and the subsequent
implications for Methodist theology today. These consultations and their
products (such as the present work) are a welcome addition to this conversation.
The direct dialogue with Eastern theologians over points of intersection between
the two traditions is highly enlightening.

A sober treatment of Wesley's
direct citation of and reference to the Church Fathers (East and West) is
offered by Richard P. Heitzenrater and opens the discussion with a level
perspective on Wesley's direct appropriation Eastern thought. Heitzenrater's
illuminating survey is a 'must read' for anyone wishing to connect Wesley with
Eastern theology.

Orthodox writers such as Petros Vassiliadis and
Dimitar Popmarinov Kirov direct Wesleyans toward a sense of holiness informed by
the Eucharist, koinonia, and theosis. Orthodoxy beckons Methodism forsake
individualistic holiness and keep sight of the corporate dimension of holiness,
an emphasis of Wesley's own orthdox treatment of the topic.

implications of this dialogue are far reaching and exciting. This conversation
is worth following and will be of special interest for those wishing to
understand the relationship between Orthodoxy and Wesleyanism or even Orthodoxy
and Protestantism."


Steve Hayes said...

In some respects, especially soteriology, Methodist theology is quite close to Orthodoxy, but their ecclesiology is a long way off!

Jnorm said...

What is there ecclesiology like?

Christ is Risen!

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