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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

History of Eastern Christianity

The main one I was looking at for some months now was the one by Aziz S. Atiya, as seen here. This book is mainly about Oriental Orthodoxy. I wanted it because I thought he would have some good historical insight about the Church in Egypt from the 1st century to about the 4th. But the book costs way too much. So I asked around to see if there was something similar with a cheaper price tag. And these were the books mentioned to me.

- The Eastern Christian Churches: A Brief Survey, by Ronald G Roberson
- Timeline of Eastern Church History, by Kathryn Tsai
- The Arab Christian: A History in the Middle East, by Kenneth Cragg
- A History of Christianity in Asia: Beginnings to 1500 by Samuel Hugh Moffett
- Christians in the Arab East: A Political Study, by Robert B. Betts

Other books that are similar in topic are:

- A History of the Christian Church by Walker
- The Christian East and the Rise of the Papacy by Aristeides Papadakis & John Meyendorff
- The Orthodox Church by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware
- The Orthodox Church by Sergius Bulgakov
- The Orthodox Church by John Meyendorff
- Imperial Unity And Christian Divisions by John Meyendorff



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