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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Orthodox Christians for Life

The link to the site:

As seen from the webpage:
"Orthodox Christians for Life (OCLife) is a non-profit religious educational Pro-Life organization consisting of members primarily from the Eastern Orthodox Church which is recognized as a fourth major faith in the United States. OCLife was founded in early 1986 by Rev. Edward Pehanich an Orthodox priest of the American Carpatho-Russian jurisdiction and John Protopapas, now a Deacon of the Orthodox Church in America.
It functions in cooperation with the hierarchy, clergy, and laity of the Orthodox Church regardless of jurisdiction or geographical location; and supports the doctrines and canons of the Church. The organization consists of over 800 members (including seven chapters) in the United States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia as of February 1998. It is also open to interested non-Orthodox Christians on an affiliate basis.

Orthodox Christians for Life is primarily a religious-educational organization and does not organize marches, demonstrations, or sit-ins; however, we do participate in such Pro-Life events as a group, or as individuals, providing they are peaceful and do not conflict with Church doctrine. We condemn all forms of violence in any effort to resolve sanctity of human life issues."

The Orthodox Christians For Life Pro Life Handbook:


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