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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

HADES as seen from a few passages in the LXX

Deuteronomy 32:22
"For a fire burns away of my rage; it shall be burned unto lower Hades;"

"From out of the belly of Hades was my cry; you heard my voice."

Psalm 16:10
"For you should not abandon my soul in Hades, nor shall you give your sacred on to see corruption."

Psalm 30:3
"O Lord, you led my soul from out of Hades; you delivered me from the ones going down into the pit."

Psalm 49:15
"Except God shall ransom my soul out of the hand of Hades, whenever he should take me."

Psalm 86:14
"For your mercy is great towards me; and you rescued my soul from out of lowermost Hades."

Psalm 94:17
"Unless that the Lord helped me, my soul would shortly have sojourned in Hades."

Job 33:22
"and his soul approached unto death, and his life unto Hades."

Jobe 38:17
"And do the gates of death open to you in fear; and did gatekeepers of Hades, in beholding you, become alarmed?"

Hosea 13:14
"From the hand of Hades I shall rescue them; from death I will ransom them. Where is your punishment, O death? Where is your sting, O Hades?



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