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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Tosefta

I was mainly interested in this book because I wanted to find a primary source to Quote from. I didn't want to always rely on tertiary sources when it came to this issue. People like to know where you get your sources from, so I wanted to trace the source of some of the quotes I read in regards to the Pharisiac Jews rejecting the D.C.'s and Gospels. Now I don't know if they are truely in here or not...... But one day I will eventually find out.

All in due time.

The Link

As seen from the Reviews on Amazon:
"The Tosefta has been one of the most neglected of the major texts of rabbinic Judaism. Jacob Neusner has devoted considerable attention to this text and has produced the only modern language complete translation. Yet, his six-volume work (New York: Ktav, 1977-1986) remained relatively inaccessible to most students and scholars. It is an event of significance to have now an accessible, two-volume edition of Neusner's English translation with his new introduction. This should enhance both rabbinic studies and the shared concern among Jewish and Christian scholars and students for better understanding ancient Judaism."

--David M. Scholer, Professor of New Testament and Associate Dean, Center for Advanced Theological Studies, School of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary
"A core work, this highly recommended set should be included in the reference and/or circulating section of any collection of Judaica."--David B. Levy, Beth Avraham Synagogue Lib., Baltimore -- Review"

I also found it on Google Books.

As seen from the Info page:

hmmm, there was no description found.

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