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Friday, November 7, 2008


OrthodoxyNow updated the website, and the videos are working well too. All the videos are in "quicktime", and they play "in screen". For those who don't live in the Pittsburgh area, Orthodoxy Now is a 30 minute TV program produced by the Orthodox Clergy Brotherhood of Greater Pittsburgh. An episode is played several times a week on the "Christian Associates Channel", and for those who live outside the city limits, but still within the region of Southwestern Pennsylvania, can usually see it on Cable telivision. That's if they have Comcast on demand.

The Archimandrate Ft. John Abdullah is the one sitting on your left. He is the priest of Saint George Orthodox Cathedral(Antiochian) in Oakland, PA. Which is down the street from Pitt University.

I could be wrong, but I think the one sitting on your right hand side is Ft. John Touloumes, he is the priest of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on the NorthSide of Pittsburgh.

Some of the episodes are:

How do we find God




The true meaning of Christmas

To whom do we belong?

You can watch more shows here. (at the website)



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