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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Latin Fathers - St. Augustine and St. Jerome

This is from the podcast Search the Scriptures by Dr. Jeannie Constantinou.

As seen from the website:
"Today Jeannie concludes her introduction to the Bible with a look at the two best know Latin Fathers of the Church."

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Another awsome lecture from Dr. Constantinou

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Tony said...

I was glad she went into greater detail about why Orthodox Christianity and Augustinian teaching are at times very incompatible. It seems like many Orthodox know Augustine said some left-field things, but they can't explain what.

Jnorm said...


Around this time last year. I was in the process of showing how Saint Augustine changed over the years in regards to the issue of "free will and Grace".

Hopefully, after I'm done with Morey, I'll get back to that, but it's gonna take longer then when I first thought.

I have to find the time, between that and the Saint Stephens House of Studies program.

Take care!!!


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