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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rome, Constantinople and Canterbury part 3

From Saturday, June 7, 2008

First One - "Fellowship announcement by Fr. Stephen Platt and a greeting and remarks from Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury (delivered by Canon Jonathan Goodall from the office of the Archbishop"

Second One - "Metropolitan Kallistos-Primacy and the Pope"

Third One - "Igumen Jonah Paffhausen-Primacy and Eccesiology"



Anonymous said...

I love all of your Eastern Orthodox stuff, and the books you're recommending.

Do you have the "Orthodox Study Bible"? I just saw it yesterday in a Christian bookstore. Old Testament is St. Athanasius' Septuagint and the NT is the NKJV. Looks pretty awesome ($70.00 ouch!).

Have you heard of George Lamsa's "Holy Bible: Ancient Eastern Text"? I'm going to get one and wondered if you had ever read it.

Always looking at your blog, even though I rarely comment.


Anonymous said...

Oh! I just saw the "Orthodox Study Bible" in your line up of recommended books! Ha!

See you guys.

Jnorm said...

$70.00 must be the Leather bond. That's the one I want. The hardback is about $49.99 A friend of mine was able to get a Leather back for $49.00, I don't know if that was from "conciliar press" or ", but that was way back in Feb....when they were doing back orders.

I gave my hardback away to someone at the conference I went to two weeks ago. I plan on getting the Leather back, only because I didn't like the paper quality of the hardback. The full version of the OSB just came out in March of 2008, and that's when I got my copy.

I know, it is pricey.

As far as "George Lamsa". I would have to say. Nah, I never heard of it.

I just googled it,


good look,

I should know about this sense, the Peshitta comes from my Jurisdiction. I joined the Antiochian/syrian branch of the Greek Church.

I was told that we(EO, not OO) only have one Parish left that still speaks Aramaic. They live somewhere in Turkey near a mountain range.

Most christians in that area were eventually forced to speak Arabic by the Ottoman Empire.
And many had to use Arabic names. (take on Arabic names)

But thanks, for telling me about an english translation of the Peshitta.

I never even knew.


Jnorm said...

Scrollpublishing is selling the hardback for $40.00

I don't ussually mention scrollpublishing because I was cought up in his movement for 8 or 9 years. It got me nowhere. most of Bercot's followers don't have anywhere to fellowship. And in the end, whatever group they do form, eventually falls apart. Not to mention Bercot's change of beliefs over the years. It's too unstable.

Plus he has a phobia of Mary, and Icons. Alot of his followers eventually went to Rome, high church England or Eastern Orthodoxy.

I'm sorry for rambling. It's just that whenever I mention David Bercot, I get in this rant mode.

I still talk to alot of his modern day followers on yahoo. And many of them are going through, what I once went through.

Once again, I am sorry for rambling.


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