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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Emergent movement

There is an Emergent type church in the city of Pittsburgh called "Hot metal bridge". They dwell on the southside.

I was never emergent so I don't know this group very well. Nor do I know how to talk to them. I was more into the convergence movement........back in the day. So I'm use to talking with those from that movement as well as with those that follow David Bercot. I know what to say to them because I was once like them.

So I'm thinking how should I approach them? They might be scared of me. I know someone at the conference said that they won't talk to him.

But what would I do with them, if I do talk to them, What will I say? At this time, I really don't have a reason to contact them.

Maybe someone who came from that background should talk to them. They might feel more comfortable in doing so. But then again, I can always learn how to speak to them.

From looking at their photos I kind of have a feel of what type of people they are. I barely travel to the southside. Most of my dealings in my 30 years have been in East Liberty(6th mount zion Baptist church & Pentecostal Temple), the North Side(Christian Missionary and Alliance), Mount Washington(Grace Episcopal Church), Uptown(Shepard's Heart), and Oakland(Saint George Cathedral).

I don't really know alot of people on the Southside. If we ever cross paths, I'll talk to them. And if they ever go through a scandel of some sort then I'll reach out to them, and tell them that they can always come this way. But I don't really have any experience with the emergent crowd. Maybe someone who has, might be a better fit, in knowing what to say to them.

They might see me as a predator. Both the Convergence and Emergence movements are ripe for the picking. It is only a matter of time before a good portion of them become either full blown Anglican, Roman Catholic, or Eastern Orthodox.

Alot of the more Conservative protestant groups don't like them, but Rome, high England, and Orthodoxy have thier eyes on them.

Who will end up grabbing the majority of them is unknown at this time.



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