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Monday, February 21, 2011



Vinnie said...

This video was enjoyable, but I felt that it was a little truncated in its view of the protestant position. What I mean is the good teacher gave a systematic theological perspective for the Protestant position of salvation, while giving a Biblical theological perspective for the Orthodox view of salvation. I think he was equivocating between the two positions. I do understand that my own protestant tradition truncates salvation when one image of the mystery is made the only image, but there was nothing he talked about that I disagree with concerning salvation. Bishop Kallistos Ware has a great lecture that really shook me as a Reformed Protestant in regards to trying to make one image in Scripture the sole image for salvation. It is free on ITunes U. Thanks for the post.

Jnorm said...

True! It was truncated. Protestantism has multiple views in this area. It may all depend on what tradition or camp one is in.

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