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Monday, September 14, 2009

The Protestant Revolution

This was done by the BBC so it's gonna have that Bias: The main point seems to be that the roots of modern secularism is protestantism.

Part 1: (The Politics of Belief) (I know a number of Roman Catholic apologists that would dispute some of the things said in this one. So some of the details may not be accurate)

Part 2: (The Godly Family) (viewer beware, a half a second may not be good for kids. This one is mostly about domestic issues)

Part 3: (A Reformation of the Mind) (They mostly focus on the Zwingly / Calvin branch of Protestantism and what happened in England and maybe America. The Lutherian branch is a little different when it comes to the issue of religious art)

Part 4: (No Rest for the Wicked) (This one is about money, the rise of capitalism, the puritan/reformed protestant work ethic, and how some calvinists saw ones wealth as a sign that confirmed they were one of the elect)



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