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Monday, September 14, 2009

My thoughts on the Tonex situation

and part 3

For those of you that don't know, Tonex is or was a Gospel music artist. And this is what his X-wife had to say:Mrs. Tonex interview

I think the problem is our secular culture and christians in general embracing whatever the culture says as always being true.

The extreme secular culture has a way of putting us in our place and breaking us down by always looking at the past in how some christians believed that the earth was flat (eventhough western pagans were the ones that believed this first and this was seen as the science of that day. No one wants to admit you had christians on both sides of the issue. You had christians that believed the earth was flat and you had christians that didn't. Nobody wants to talk about the fact that those who eventually proved the earth to be a sphere were christian) and the whole Galileo situation (capernicus was a christian but noone wants to look at that fact when talking about this issue. Nor do people want to talk about the fact that the Bible at that time was mostly interpreted through the philosophical lense of Aristotle, and people only want to look at western christianity when it comes to this issue......not knowing there was an Eastern Christianity that didn't have anything to do with this.....and we don't have infallible Patrairchs, so only half the story is being told) and so modern christians have a tendency to talk big about God, but once the secular pressure says something that goes against our faith and uses the word "science" to back their claims we break down and conform to whatever secular culture if we are some sort of domesticated slave to secular culture or something.

And this is why christianity won't last in an extreme secular environment. You see, Christianity is an ascetical Faith / Religion. It is a Faith that teaches self denial. It is a faith that teaches the carrying of our crosses!
The ancient nomadic hebrews as well as alot of other nomadic tribes and cultures practiced the delay of self gratification. When you live in the wilderness, where there is not alot of water and food to go around, then you must fast and practice self control, but in our society self control is almost non-existent and our materialistic world hates it for 2/3rds of our economy is based on us not fasting.....not practicing self control......not saving our money.

We have the power to collapse the world economy.....A.K.A. Babylon the great if we decided not to buy or sell anything during the Christmas and Easter season for one year. The extreme secularists would collapse along with the economy.

But this is why little by little we are seeing more and more christians talk funny. It is because we are slowly giving in to secularism and what it says is right or wrong.........instead of what The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit say is right or wrong. We listen to the forever changing secularism, instead of what Jesus and the Apostles said was right or wrong.

When Adam and Eve sinned, they brought sin and death into the World. Thus we decay and die because of them. Our cells don't always replicate the way they should and so flaws happen......defects happen, different tendencies of anger(born with a tendency to kill and be abusive), sex(born with a tendency to cheat, be attracted to the same sex or be extremely sexually active and hooked/addicted to porn), hunger(born with a tendency to over eat), substance abuse(born with a tendency to be easily addicted or hooked on drugs and alcohol), born with a tendency/urge/craving/desire to be greedy, jealous, covetous, prejudice......ect. And we all have different tendencies that can lead to sin if we don't watch and carry our crosses.

Our Faith is a moderate ascetical faith, our faith teaches us to have self control, thus our faith teaches us self denial till our last breath.

So may we not give in to extreme secularism. May we continue to fight whatever our vices are.

Lord Jesus, have mercy on us



Tony said...

I believe Archbishop Chrysostomos once said, "The only difference between monks and laymen was one could get married."

Christ said the world was SUPPOSED to despise us, because we are not of this world. Unfortunately, the love of the world is so important to so many people...and for all the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

Glad you posted these, they were very enlightening. The ex is a very together woman, and dead on about marriage and the lack of preparation beforehand.
Divorce is a little more complicated than her analysis suggests,though.

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