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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Lutherans are suppose to believe in Baptismal Regeneration!

Despite what some online Zwinglian Calvinistic Baptists(Rhology), and Presbyterians may say, Lutherans are ""suppose to"" believe in Baptismal regeneration, and they don't allow their concept of the imputed version/interpretation/form of ""faith alone"" to get in the way of this. Which ultimately means, the Lutherans might have a different interpretation of what "faith alone" means from other protestant groups.

"faith alone saves" "Baptism saves" - No contradiction

It is decreed by God that whatever is not faith avails nothing and receives nothing. But if they say, as they will do: After all, Baptism itself is a work, and you say works avail nothing for salvation. What, then, becomes of faith? I answer: It is true, our works certainly contribute nothing toward our salvation.
Baptism, however, is not our work but God's; for, as was stated, you will have to make a great distinction between Christ's Baptism and an immersionist's "Baptism" (der Bader Taufe). God's works are beneficial and necessary for salvation. They do not exclude but require faith; for without faith they could not be apprehended. For by permitting water to be poured over you, you have not as yet received and observed Baptism in such a manner that it benefits you.

But it does become beneficial to you if you have yourself baptized because you believe that it is performed according to God's command and order and in God's name, too, so that you may receive in the water the promised salvation. Now, neither the hand nor the body can grasp this salvation; the heart must believe it.

Thus you clearly see that there is no work here which we perform but a treasure which He gives us and which faith apprehends. Just as the Lord Christ on the cross is not a work but a treasure comprehended and offered us in the Word and apprehended by faith. Therefore they do us an injustice by crying out against us as if we were opposing faith by our teaching about Baptism when, in fact, we insist on it as so necessary for the apprehension of the benefits of Baptism that without it nothing can be received or enjoyed. (W 30 I, 216-E 21, 134 - SL 10,127 f)" [1]

I got this quote from the Lutheran book, "What Luther Says: A Practical In-Home Anthology for the Active Christian

Christ is Risen!

[1] Page 56 from the book "What Luther Says: A practical in-Home Anthology for the Active Christian" PLASS


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