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Saturday, May 22, 2010

I just went to the library

To get this book sent to me. I know some Library somewhere has it, and when I get it I'm gonna xerox a bunch of pages for this sucker is hard to find. Oh, in the Library an older western European American male asked me if I stole my laptop. If he was younger I would have responded disrespectfully. But I simply let it slide and told him in a slow soft voice that I didn't steal it. He looked at me, smiled, then walked away. I'm shocked that someone his age would actually be bold enough to confront me like that. Usually people his age (in the rust belt) seem scared of me.

Free Choice in Saint Maximus the Confessor by Joseph P. Farrell


katie said...

I don't know if you are familiar with but you can enter your zip code and search for a book. It will show you all the libraries that have it starting with the closest one to you. I lurk on your blog and David's. I think they followed me to Ga. as I was originally from the Ft. Hood area and now live in West Ga. I too became Orthodox back there.

Jnorm said...

Thanks Katie,

Cool! So you are closer to Alabama then. So is there a fort in western Georgia? I know that David is at a Fort in Georgia that is closer to the Atlantic Ocean.

So how did you find out about Orthodoxy? Not to many Americans know about it. Cool! I would love to hear your story sometime.

Christ is in our Midst!

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