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Sunday, May 30, 2010

How to do an Orthodox Bible Study / Outreach! pt. 1

I don't know, this is something I am trying to figure out. But I have some ideas. So far I have experienced two different kinds of Bible Studies done by Orthodox Christians, but they were mostly based on a protestant modal and ethos. I would like to draw more from the richness of the Church itself and it's traditions for I learned a long time ago in my protestant years that what you use to draw people will be what you need to keep doing in order to keep people. And so, I would like to use what the Church already has and does. That way, if we draw them by what the Church already does, then we will be able to keep them by what the Church already does. There will be no need for a bate and switch.......something common in some protestant circles.

Also, I don't know if I should call it a Bible study, for I want it to be more wholistic. If I believe in Prima Scriptura and not Sola Scriptura then it needs to be more than just a mere Bible Study. It needs to be a Bible Study / Liturgical Study / Church History Study.

More thoughts on this later.....I gotta eat!

Christ is in our midst!


Virgil said...

A mature Orthodox Bible study involves an uneasy, but necessary, synthesis of history (historical-critical) and tradition (traditional-critical) exegesis. We shouldn't leave out the historical context and must also see the Bible as an icon of the church, read through the lenses of the church.

Jnorm said...

Thanks for the advice. I see you are into Popper. Some years ago I found out about Thomas Kuhn through reading a book called "the limitations of Scientific Truth". They mentioned him in passing, which caused me to find out more about him, and his ideas. I pretty much agree with his philosophical views about science.

But in regards to Bible study, I really don't know how to go about it just yet. But I agree, it must be read through the lenses of the Church.

Christ is in our Midst!

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