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Saturday, July 5, 2008

looking for resources

I plan on adding two more people to my "Roman Catholic and Protestant defenders of free will, incompatibilism & cooperating grace" link section.

They are:

1.) The Roman catholic order of "Cistercians". They were formed around the year 1098 A.D. I already have Bernard of Clairvaux on the list. But I'm wondering if they had any more theologians of the same stripe. Some months ago, a modern cisterian monk told me that my views about the fall of man, grace, faith, and free will were very similar to the view of his order. I asked him to send me some resources about the issue.

2.) The Anabaptist (radical protestant reformers) theologian Balthasar Hubmaier who lived from 1480 A.D. to 1528 A.D. It is said that he championed "the libertarian freedom of the will".

So if anyone knows anything about the Cistercian order or of the Anabaptist theologian Balthasar Hubmaier in regards to the issue of free will, predestination, and grace. Please feel free to inform me.



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