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Friday, July 11, 2008

Creation and the Patriarchal Histories

Fr. Pat Reardon is interviewed in the podcast "Ancient Faith presents". The topic is about his new book called "Creation and the Patriarchal Histories".

As takin from the summary :

"The Book of Genesis is foundational reading for the Christian, concerned as it is with the origins of our race and the beginnings of salvation history. Its opening pages provide the theological suppositions of the entire biblical story: Creation, especially that of man in God’s image, the structure of time, man’s relationship to God, the entrance of sin into the world, and God’s selection of a specific line of revelation that will give structure to history. Early Christian writers such as St. Paul saw no dichotomy between the writings of the Law, of which Genesis is the beginning, and the Gospel. Rather, the Gospel is the key to understanding the Law. In Creation and the Patriarchal Histories, Fr. Reardon shows clearly how the proper understanding of Creation and the Fall informs all of Christian doctrine, and how the narratives of the patriarchs from Noah to Joseph pave the way for the salvation history that continues in Exodus."

Sidenote: The ussage of the word "Law" is in regards to the first five books of Moses. Thus, he is trying to say that the Gospel is the key to understanding the first five books of Moses.

As seen from one reviewer:

""The Greek and Latin Fathers of the Church found the revelation of creation, the fall, and the covenantal promises in Genesis immensely enlightening. Evil and sin were not due to human nature but to a prideful flight from the offer of friendship with the Transcendent God who created the universe and, even after the fall promises a redemptive Messiah. Patrick Henry Reardon's commentary conveys central aspects of this enlightenment, showing that is as relevant today as it has ever been down the millennia."

-- Rev. Dr. Matthew L Lamb, Chairman of the Department of Theology at Ave Maria University, Florida""

Mp3 download file:



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