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Friday, July 18, 2008

Cdero defends himself

Cdero, was recently banned from a protestant christian(mostly Calvinist) rap forum I post on alot. He wasn't givin the chance to defend himself against the accusations, so he defended himself on his blog.

This is a little of what he had to say:

"Have you ever had people turn on you simply because of your theological convictions? For the past 4 years I have abandoned the cause of indoctrinating people with Reform Theology by replacing it with educating people about the weaknesses of Reform Theology and the myriad of valid Biblical interpretations that get ignored by fundamental Christians. Well, some people hate it! The same people who praised me for promoting Reform Dogma are now burning me at the stake of slander declaring me a heretic yet never actually indicating what exactly is heretical about my beliefs. For years I have participated on a online discussion operating under the same zeal, passion, and love not only for truth (Jesus Christ) but also respecting the art of debating ( commitment to logic and devoted to sticking to the issues and not attacking the person). Today, things have not changed much except my theological convictions and Bible knowledge.

As I said, some people hate the “new me” not because I have abandoned truth, but because I have abandoned their movement-Reform Theology at all cost.

In recent months I have been the target of slander, ridicule, vicious judgements, and nasty stigmas. I was eventually banned from the forum I mentioned above for my theological convictions and since then, all hell has broke loose.

I regret using my blog to defend myself against petty drama but I feel that it is only right that I let those from the forum in which I was banned from hear my side of the story (a post was put up after I was banned accusing me of wrong doing). It is distasteful to ban me and then post accusations knowing that it will be unchallenged.

The following is my defense against such vicious slander:

Since I was banned from HCR, this is the only way I can defend myself.

Dear HCR Members and visitors,

If accusations are going to me made about me on a forum then it is only right for me to respond so that you can get another perspective on things."

To read the whole thing go to his blog:



Kevin Jackson said...

Sounds like Synod of HCR has spoken? That's too bad.

Jnorm said...

Yeah, it is pretty sad. But Cdero will bounce back. I noticed Ben, over at Arminian Chronicles wanted former Calvinists to tell their story. I wonder if Cdero will be interested in telling his?


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