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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Understanding the Sacraments

The Metropolitan Bishop Kallistos Ware's interview on Ancient Faith radio will be aired this weekend on the Illumined Heart.

The subject title will be called “Understanding the Sacraments”. Anyone who is into Sacramental theology will not want to miss this one. Most of the Churches that are traditionally into sacramental theology would be your Eastern & Oriental Orthodox, Roman & Eastern Catholics, and your high church protestant groups like Anglicans and Lutherians.

I was first introduced to his works by my ex girlfriends English grammer professor at Tuskegee University. He was Orthodox, but he was raised Baptist like myself. Later in life he followed his mentor into the Episcopal church and eventually into the Greek Orthodox church. He gave me the book "The Orthodox way" or was it "the Orthodox Church"? I forgot which one it was, but it was back in 2001. I was impressed with the book. It was the first time I ever heard of the word "Panentheism". It was because of Kallistos(Timothy) Ware that I adopted Christian Panentheism. Well the Orthodox Christian version of it.........into my Arminian Theology.

Right now I am learning about Antiochian(syrian) sacramental theology. The school of Antioch was one of the ancient schools in church history. It had a different type of style than the Alexandrian school. Antioch is my jurisdiction so I'm learning about that. The Syrian flavor has alot in common with the Jewish ethos. They have many of the same customs. But anyway, One of the main reasons why I became Orthodox was because of Sacramental theology.........and because I really couldn't stand Calvinism and the later teachings of Augustine. The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh was moderate it wasn't really liberal but man was it Reformed. They dressed up like Roman Catholics but their hearts were in Geneva. Even the Anglo-Catholic Parish I joined back in 2002 was heavily influenced by Calvinism. I even heard comments about our diocese being "Reformed Catholics". I was like oh no! I left the south to run away from Calvinism. I didn't come back to Pittsburgh to join it. The Charismatic Episcopals of the ECUSA were teaching once saved always saved and they were allowing unbaptized people to partake of communion. The people were nice and lovely, and I liked the fact that the Anglo-catholics and the Reformed wing of the ECUSA were working together to fight against the liberals, but I had to leave the ECUSA. But that's another story.

But anyway I can't wait to hear what he's gonna say. I saw him once last year in Pittsburgh when he gave a lecture at Ducane University on the topic of the Holy Spirit in relation to the Sacraments(Mysteries) of the Eucharist(communion/Lord's supper), Baptism and the Divine Liturgy.

This is the link to the lecture. It's a bit long and if you're not into Sacramental theology then it's gonna bore you, but for those of us that are into will find some golden nuggets.

I was later told that Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers was at this lecture but I never saw him. I did see alot of theological professors from other schools across the country but I never saw him.



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