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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Original word christians used for the FEAST DAY of Christ's Ressurection

The Original word used by Christians was "PASCHA". It means Passover or Christian Passover.

From the very beginning most regions of the christian World celebrated Pascha the sunday following the Jewish Passover. The region of Ashia Minor celebrated Pascha on the same day of the Jewish Passover.

At the council of Nicea the christians of Ashia Minor conformed with the rest of the Church and this is when everyone Celebrated Pascha the Sunday following the Jewish Passover.

When the Gregorian Calander was created the western Church started to celebrate Pascha according to the cycle of that Calander.

So where did the word Easter come from? It came from either Germany or Celtic Briton, but the original word was always "Pascha". It is the word the christian east still use today.

Sometimes people get confused and think Easter is a pagan holiday. I know I was told that plenty of times, but if one digs deep into Church history........they will find that Pascha.......what alot of western Christians now call Easter. Was always a christian Feast Day. It is a "high feast day". Infact, it is seen by christians to be the greastest Feast day out of all the feast days in the christian calander.

The creation of a more accurate calander(the Gregorian) as well as the use of the Germanic or Celtic word "EASTER"....instead of the word "PASCHA" is the reason why some in the western World are confused about the Origins of the Feast Day of Christ's ressurection.



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