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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rev Write's other full sermon about G.D. America

I wanted to know the context of where that sound byte came from.

Anderson Cooper of CNN has the full sermon on his blog.

The media player of the blog is halfway down the page & the Title of the sermon was called "Confusing God & Government"

His sermons seem very political. Maybe too political for a church setting.

After listenning to the whole sermon, I came to the conclusion that his sermons are political, theological, and historical. He likes to weave politics, and history with theology.

His sermons are in some ways politically to the far left. But based on the two full sermons so far I don't see Rev. Write as a monster.

Now one might disagree with his political views and his ussage of racial language, but I don't think he is a hate monger.

And if one thinks he is a is only because of his ussage of the words "rich white men", "black people", "white man", "white women".......ect.

One might also feel that he is a racist because of the guilt by association with Farrakan.

But based on these two controversal sermons I didn't get that picture from him. Rev. Write is no Farrakan. They are two different people.

Confusing God and Government wasn't really a hate monger sermon. It was a pretty decent sermon about Trusting in God & not the Government

If you listenned to the full sermon then you can make up your own mind about the contexts of the soundbytes.

but.....I could be wrong.



Kitty Hegemann said...

I myself have difficulty asking God to bless America right now. We have a corrupt government that commits horrid acts in our name. We the people, I'm speaking of us as a group, are allowing this to happen. From the Katrina response to Iraq to enacting laws that violate our Constitutional rights to the Faith Based Initiative, we are not being faithful to Jesus.

Jnorm said...

So you side with Rev. Wright? On my blog role is a person named Cdero, and he sees him as a modern day minor prophet.

Now I wouldn't go that far, but I did understand where he was coming from.

So you are upset with America too huh? Who are you voting for? Or are you sitting out on this one?


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