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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jin...From battle rapper to Christian rapper?!

Jin, shares his thoughts.

The Song in question: (Welcome to the Light Club)

My thoughts about the issue as seen from (I only said what I said because the person I responded to is very vocal about theological heavy calvinistic rap, and he doesn't like christian rappers that are almost secular / light on theology, and so, this is the context of my response)
" Quote:
Originally Posted by jeyjey34 View  Post
If he's really a christian, then wouldn't it be better for him to put the mic down for a while and get discipled?

Maybe this will be different than guys like DMX and LL Cool J. Only time will tell...

My Response:
Who in the real world ever put the mic down when they first changed gears? So why do you expect him to?

And even if he did, that wouldn't mean you would like him, for if he went to the wrong church, and was tought under the wrong doctrines, then you wouldn't want him to be discipled(by his church that you may or may not like or agree with).

So it's all subjective really. I say let him be himself, and express what he wants to express........right or wrong. In my eyes, it's gonna be wrong somewhere.......on some topic regardless, just like most christian rap is.

I theologically dissagree with alot of it. So let dude be true to what he is right now, on the journy he is on right now.

For I won't feel it, if he ain't real to what he is right now.......flaws and all.

If you guys turn him into just another carbon copy Calvinistic rapper, then it's just gonna be another boring album that will eventually collect dust after a few spins.

Because it ain't real to what he is right now, and he will try hard to be like someone else instead of being true to himself. His stuff will sound all forced and boring. So I say, let dude be dude and let him be true to what he is right now.

If you change him, you will only change him from one error to another my book."


Originally Posted by jeyjey34 View  Post
I was just asking the question of whether he should put it down or not to see what you guys thought. It's true that others haven't done that which is why we have the famous examples that I mentioned... guys who just can't step away from the sinful lyrics they're known for.

And I didn't say anything about being a Calvinistic rapper. Whether I like him as an artist or not has nothing to do with me wanting him to not make the same mistakes as others have made. The rapping stuff should be secondary while finding out who he is in Christ should be first.

I found it interesting that you want him to be himself whether right or wrong. That sounds like you don't even care about the dude and how he lives his life...

My Response:
It's not that I don't care. I do, It's just that as an Orthodox Christian I know that if he tries to spit high doctrine on the mic or get real theological with it, then he's going to be in error somewhere.....regardless. This is one of the reasons why I like listenning to alot of possitive theological light protestant christian rappers. And protestant christian rappers that talk about their actual experiences with God in their everyday life. I like that way more than TULIP Rap.

So it's not that. I want him to be himself, because I really want to hear his personal experiences with God from how he is able to interprete things right now.

You see, in Orthodoxy, True Knowledge.....epistemology comes from actual experience, and not just mere classroom book stuff.

If you want to learn about a Lion, you don't sit in a class lecture and read books about one. No, what you do is lock yourself in a cage with one. That's how you learn. For True knowledge is not with the tongue or mind alone. True knowledge is of the whole man....for the whole man must learn what it means to both fear and love God. Our hands must know it, our feet must know it, our legs must know....the whole man.

So when it comes to Theology and the art of studying God.....Eastern Christianity says:

Prayer = Studying God

Living the Christian life = Studying God

Actual experience with God = Studying God

Along with hearing about God from His Holy Word. So it's all the above.....we need it all if we really want to know God for ourselves.

And this is why I want to hear his own experience from his own lips, in the way he knows how to express it. I want to know how he really thinks and feels before people get to him, and mess him all up. But if he is a truth seeker, then hopefully he will eventually find what he is looking for. It should be obvious what I would like him to be, but it's not about me, and what I want......I can't control him nor his environment. The onlything I can do is pray for dude.



FormerReformer said...

I really appreciate this post as someone who has been defending Christian rap since my young Baptist days (and in small town Mississippi it needed a LOT of defense). I also appreciated your old post "Christian Rap 101 (westcoast street)" which is recommended on the bottom, because that one brought back some great memories (I had almost forgotten about GG, whose first album was on almost constant play until I got into punk rock).

PM me on OCnet sometime and we'll reminisce about some great old skool groups, like ETW.

Jnorm said...

Anytime homey!

Christ is Risen!

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