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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy

This is a new podcast on AncientFath Radio by Fr. Andrew.
last week, he gave me the heads up that it was going to air on AncientFaith on October 4th.

He did a series similer to this at his old parish back in January. This updated one is for his new Parish. I enjoyed the old ones and I can't wait to hear this one as well.

The first topic in this series is "Understanding the Terms":
As seen from the website:
"In this premier episode, Fr. Andrew provides helpful definitions of such terms as “orthodoxy,” “heterodoxy,” “heresy,” “heretic,” “schismatic,” and—most importantly—”truth.”"

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Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy



Fr. Andrew said...

This post is (in Internet terms) ancient history now, I know, but I thought some might be interested to know that Conciliar Press is due to release the Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy book in May 2011.

Jnorm said...

Thanks Father!

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