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Friday, October 9, 2009

Metropolitan Jonah's speach to the ACNA

For those that don't know the ACNA is a newly formed Anglican/Episcopal church that was formed some months ago due to the liberalism of the TEC(ECUSA). It is made up of mostly a coalition of both Anglo-Catholic and Reformed Episcopalians. They have about 700 parishes and about 100,000 people. Their new Archbishop is the former ECUSA Bishop of Pittsburgh Robert Duncan.



Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that Duncan has been defrocked (actually, first he disowned his priesthood, then the Anglican Communion accepted his decision), and that ACNA is a schismatic group (dare to call it a church).

Jnorm888 said...


Before becoming Orthodox, I use to be in the ECUSA in Pittsburgh, and Robert Duncan was loved and well liked by most Episcopalians I knew in the Pittsburgh Diocese. And when I became Orthodox, he was well liked by alot of the Orthodox in the Pittsburgh area as well as abroad.

So he is a man that is well liked and loved by many. I understand a little of what you are saying, and I guess according to the rules you may have a point, but I also know that the modern ECUSA isn't liked by alot of people(that I know or once knew).....and so the dilemma.

I do know that some Orthodox would feel more comfortable in talking with the ACNA, instead of with the more liberal ECUSA, but you do have a point.


Albion Land said...

Hello anonymous,

I think you are either ignorant or engaging in deliberate misinformation.

Robert Duncan never disowned his priesthood nor has the Anglican Communion "accepted" such a fictitious act. In fact, the Anglican Communion might very well admit into its fold the Anglican Church of North, of which Duncan is the archbishop.

I won't comment on whether ACNA is a church, but I will say that the sect from which it broke away, ECUSA, is heretical at best, and apostate, at worst.

Albion Land said...

Sorry, that should be Anglican Church of North America in my previous comment.

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