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Friday, July 3, 2009

Tony comments on Brian Mclaren's book "A Generous Orthodoxy"

This is from Tony's blog "A Catechumen's tale" from the post A Generous Heresy.

When I first saw the cover of Brian McLaren's book A Generous Orthodoxy long long ago, I thought at first - given the title - it was about Eastern Orthodoxy. This was quickly dashed when I saw the front cover declare that McLaren is a "missional, Evangelical, post/protestant, liberal/conservative, mystical/poetic, biblical, Charismatic/contemplative, fundamentalist/Calvinist, Anabaptist/Anglical, Methodist, green, incarnational, depressed-yet-hopeful, Emergent," and "unfinished" Christian.

What he essentially means by this is that he believes merits are shared across denominational lines in a kind of inter-Christian universalism. The problem is this: if you go to a buffet and take the cheese of pizza, the macaroni of pasta, and the lettuce of a cheeseburger, and mix them together...are you left with either a pizza, a pasta or a cheeseburger? No - you have something new. Therefore the idea of a "generous orthodoxy" coming from so many different churches is rather contradicting.

The Church Fathers adopted the name "orthodox" because they believed in the faith and tradition taught by the apostles. Is McLaren seeking their advice? Unsurprisingly, no. McLaren's method of figuring out what is "orthodox" seems to be picking what sounds good. Read, for example, his reason for his faith:

to read the rest please visit his post titled "A Generous Heresy"



Steve Hayes said...

I heard Brian McLaren speak a couple of times, and my response is on my blog at A generous Orthodoxy — Brian McLaren in Pretoria -- Khanya

Jnorm said...

Cool! Thanks!!!!


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