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Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Term "Propitiation" In Saint Paul

The link:

"The ancients felt that if a taboo was infringed, the person or thing involved became unclean, defiled or profane. The condition of defilement might be removed by the performance of the appropriate act: it might be washing with water, or sprinkling with blood, or simply the forfeiture of some valuable object to the deity concerned with the taboo. Such acts were felt to have the value, so to speak, of a disinfectant. Thus in the Old Testament a whole range of ritual actions are prescribed for disinfecting the priest, the altar, or the people from various forms of defilement, ritual or moral. Our versions in such cases use the phrase "to make propitiation"; but the more proper translation would be "to make expiation"."

To read the rest please visit Mystagogy


Drake Shelton said...

So then God has no essential attribute of vindicating justuce and wrath (anthropopathism for will to punish) against evil?

Drake Shelton said...

What in your opinion is the best book on the trinity from an EO perspective?


Jnorm said...


I don't know what the best book is. Sorry!

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