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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Franks and Western & Eastern Orthodoxy

The Title on google is different. It's named "United Eastern and Western Orthodox Church", but the video is mostly about the Franks, the addition to the Nicene creed, the 8th council, and Saint Augustine.

She makes a few mistakes, but it's mostly in the details. I wouldn't go about the issue in the same way. And the whole Hebrew vs Greek thing is faulty, especially when one looks at the details. Both the bi, and tri composite view of man were used on both sides. One can see its use in the ante-nicene era as well. Plus, both sides point the finger at the other in regards to "greek philosophy". The truth is, we all made use of some greek philosophers. So using greek philosophers isn't bad in and of itself, for christianity has to baptize pagan cultures whereever she goes......we do this when we translate the scripures in other languages. So I wouldn't of taken that route, plus I would of tried to be more accurate.....well, as accurate as possible. But a good portion of what she said is true. It just gets tricky when you look at some of the details.

She makes it seem as if the west didn't use the extra words in the creed before the Frankish King imposed it. various regions of the west embraced it before then. I don't know, I guess she didn't have the time to worry about details.

I just know that on the Internet, and in the blog world. You have to be on your toes, because you will be challenged quickly if somebody thinks your wrong.



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